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Transportation Management Software (TMS) is the foundation for modern logistics and supply chain companies. The LV Shipping (USA) TMS is advanced software that enables you to manage the movement of goods in real-time. Your TMS does three major tasks it automates your logistics team communications, provides you with access to live data, and streamlines your decision-making process. By automating the logistic system, the LV Shipping (USA) TMS TMS also reduces costs. Our team is here to simplify automating your transportation processes.

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LV always aims to provide a safe, efficient, cost effective and innovative service which is to the complete satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders. Analyzing and quantifying the perception of the client and how our work is perceived is a fundamental factor in the approach for continual improvement. We believe that constant monitoring of client satisfaction is vital to achieving the best result possible.


Delivering cost effective pricing for LTL and FTL through our TMS.

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LV Shipping (USA) Inc. TMS is a highly custom transportation management system that offers the most responsive, data-rich, and transparent real-time tracking capability out there. Please contact us today.


We are pleased to bring you our new TMS. Simply enter the Origin and Destination zip codes of the shipment click GO and this will navigate you immediately to Step 2.

In order for our customers to receive quotes and tender shipments for Next Day and 2nd Day Service levels you must first become a registered user of our website. Contact us for more information.

Each shipment will be subject to a Fuel Surcharge (FSC). With the ever changing cost in fuel, it is our goal here at LV Shipping (USA) TMS to keep our FSC consistent and at a cost below the market % for each of our customers.